April 25, 2012

Santo Niño Cold Spring of Camiguin

Santo Niño Cold Spring is a water park for the whole family. It has pools with a refreshing 20 °C cold water. Nice place to hangout and has lots of local food to offer.
Santo Niño Cold Spring of Camiguin
Sto. Niño Cold Spring is located in Catarman. It is very well maintained with two pools. One is the big one with depths of 2 meters with sandy bottom. The other one is a kiddie pool. During summer and weekends the park usually gets crowded not only by tourists but locals as well. Also try Ardent Hot Spring Resort.
Signage and compound
We didn't have the time to swim and quite frankly we thought it would be a waste of time and money if we went inside and didn't swim. So I just asked the lady their if I could use the restroom. She charged me Php20 just for entering and using the restroom. So I went inside and took some quick snapshots. Wasn't able to take a lot of photos because we were really in a hurry.

Here are the facility charges:
Entrance fee is Php20 per person

Picnic Shed / Table
AM - Php50 (Php10 per hour in excess of 4 hours)
PM - Php60 (Php15 per hour in excess of 4 hours)

Function Hall
AM and PM - Php450 (Php75 per hour in excess of 4 hours)
Admission fee and hut/table rates
I haven't had the chance to try it but the lady said that the water has live tiny fishes. If you stood still, the fishes would clean your body or feet by removing excess skin. Something only Santo Niño Cold Spring has in Camiguin.
Small pool but looks more like a pond
They have lots of huts for rent there. Just for Php50, I'd say its cheap. They also have cooking facilities for those who want to bring raw food. You could also buy food outside. Usually before entering some locals would start offering you their menu. They say the local food there is really nice. It's free to bring any food from outside. 
Huts for rent
Some views out side the Niño Cold Spring.
Water coming out from Sto. Nino Cold Spring
Horse carrying bags
There are lots of souvenir shops outside Santo Niño Cold Spring. They also have lots of food and local delicacies. We had some fresh buko and a crispy snack which I forgot it's name. But it tasted like the skin of toron.
Taste like Toron
The coconut man offered us to cut our coconut open. We were asking ourselves how would we eat it without a spoon. Amazingly he made his own spoon out of the coconut shell. Nice.
Fresh coconut with self made spoon
Fresh buko with self made spoon
Great hangout and cookout. Tends to get crowded sometimes. Very affordable. Has lots of good food in the area.

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