April 13, 2012

Walkway to the Old Volcano and Stations of the Cross, Camiguin Island

The Walkway to the Old Volcano is a series of steps on Mount Vulcan which the locals call the "Old Volcano." On the way up the walkway, there are life size statues depicting the stations of the cross.
Camiguin Walkway to the Old Volcano
The walkway is located in barangay Bonbon, town of Catarman, Camiguin. It is about 8 kilometers away from Paras Beach Resort, roughly just around 10 minutes ride. During holy week or the "Panaad festival" many devotees visit the stations of the cross. The stations of the cross or Via Crucis in latin, consists of the fourteen prayers depicted by fourteen sets of statues.
Jesus seen on the first steps of the walkway
We didn't actually reach the top since we were short on time. Plus it was during noon so it was really hot. There were lots of steps to be taken from one station to the next, maybe around a hundred steps. But if we had more time I would want to reach the top. The first four stations have concrete steps covered with trees, the next 10 will be on rough path with less shade.
First Station
At this point we were still thinking that this would be easy.
Second Station
At this point we were surprised that the distance between stations are really long.
Third Station
At this point most of my companions just wanted to go back. So sad that we weren't able to reach the top. Maybe next time.
Fourth Station, Our last station
There are lots of souvenir shops and sari-sari store (convenience store) at the bottom. Exactly what we needed when we got back down. Drank coke and rested for a while before going to our next destination. Both the Sunken Cemetery and the Old Church Ruins are just 5 to 10 minutes away from Camiguin Walkway, which was all affected by the 1871 eruption.

I won't know the feeling reaching the top so I can't tell you that it will be worth it. But I can tell you that it is tiring and a long climb so be sure to put extra hours for this one. Good luck!

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