April 11, 2012

White Island Beach, Camiguin

White Island is a sand bar in the sea few kilometers away from the shores of Camiguin. Here you can see one of the best views of Mounts Mambajao, Hibok-hibok and Old Volcano. If the weather is clear, you can even see the islands of Bohol and Leyte.
White Island, Camiguin
Getting to White Island
Paras Beach Resort has its own boat to White Island so it was very convenient since we were staying there. It took around 10 minutes to reach White Island from the resort. Their outrigger boat (bangka) carries a maximum of 6 persons and costs 400 pesos per two way trip. Outrigger boats for rent are also available at other resorts and beaches which roughly costs the same depending on the agreement.
Boat Transfer to White Island
Few minutes after leaving the shore, you'll see White Island's long stretch of white sand beach. It has no trees, landscapes or any establishments, just sand, sand and more sand.
Traveling to White Island
As we got nearer, I could see the long stretch of sand and told myself "is this it?" I didn't think that white island would be all sand. I never googled about it so I was thinking more of like Malcapuya Beach of Palawan.
Lots of anchored boats on the shore
Sand after sand after sand
Boat from Pabua's Cottages

What to do in White Island
Its white sand is like the one you will see at the Islands of Boracay. So you'll love walking barefoot, if the weather is not that hot.
White sands of white island
One of the reason why people go here is for the mountain view. White Island has a spectacular view of Camiguin and you'll see Mounts Mambajao, Hibok-hibok and Old Volcano.
Awesome view of Camiguin
Since the this is an small island, all sides are accessible and guests can swim at any sides. The water near its shores are just shallow so no worries for people who can't swim. I myself don't swim so I really enjoyed the shallow waters. The tides or water level does change once in a while. You can actually feel or see the water level rise after an hour stay. Scary feeling that you could run out of sand! But it wouldn't, it will just shrink.
Water level rising
Having shallow waters, white island is also great for snorkeling. It has rock formations near its shores and some marine animals. The place has lots of starfish, but of course you can't take it home but you can pick it up. We had fun playing with the starfish. Try grabbing one and flip it then put it back. Watch it slowly turns itself around under water. 
C shape shore of White Island
If you're planning to stay long, bring an umbrella. The place is great for sunbathing, just be careful not to be burnt. Some vendors their offer their umbrella for a certain fee. The vendors actually sell sea urchins. Not sure if I heard correctly, but I wasn't able to try one. They serve it to you fresh out of the water.
Hot Sun
Try taking your shadow's photo just for fun.
Me and my fiance's shadow
Me and my fiance's shadow on water
If you're lucky, you'll find small crabs crawling along the island.
Small Crab
Bring: Hat, sunglasses, umbrella, towel or anything you can use to cover up
Why: No trees or any cover so the sun's rays go directly at you.
Bring: Strong sunblock or sunscreen
Why: The sun's really hot
Bring: Sandals or wet shoes
Why: Sand is hot and rocks and dead corals are all over the water
Bring: Goggles and snorkels 
Why: You can see small fishes and other marine animals in the water

All of our boats were still in the water fetching other guests, so we waited under the blazing sun. Good thing we brought towels to cover up.
So hot while waiting for our boat
Has soft white sand, Boracay quality sand. Has the best view of Camiguin. Nice for snorkeling. Lots of rocks near the shore so a bit hard to swim and walk around on the water. 

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