May 1, 2012

Saint Rosario Church of Camiguin

Santo Rosario Church is a simple but unique century old church. It is also called Our Lady of Holy Rosary Church. Compared to other old churches, it does not have grand interiors or carvings. It also does not look old which is usually how old churches appear.
Saint Rosario Church of Camiguin
This is Sto. Rosario Church is located at the town of Sagay, Camiguin Island. It is one of the oldest church in Camiguin yet it is one the youngest looking church in the island. Why? 
Cross outside the Church
The original church was built in 1882 using coral stones, but sadly the old infrastructures are too weak. So it was retrofitted with steel bars using modern building techniques. One of the downsides of the retrofitting is the modern ceiling, which is not that appealing.
Inside the church
One of the unique things you can find on the church is their driftwood chandeliers. Once you entered the church this is usually the first thing that visitors see.
Driftwood Chandeliers
The church's altar is all Filipino. They used mostly local materials which emphasized the local's culture. They mostly used woven bamboo skin and bamboo making feel like you're inside a nipa hut.
Church's Altar
Church Door
Center Landscape
Holy Water
Outside the Sto. Rosario Church you'll see a Squid Monument. I don't really know what its called or why is it there. Maybe squid is Camiguin's specialty? Anyone knows the history of this?
Squid Monument
Nothing much to see. Best to just drop by on the way back to the pier.

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