July 14, 2012

Dahilayan Adventure Park, Bukidnon, Philippines

Dahilayan Adventure Park in Bukidnon, Philippines boasts of their two 840m Zip-lines which is said to be the longest in Asia. It also offers other fun activities and lodging at Pine Grove Mountain Lodge.
Dahilayan Adventure Park Zipline
We were in a group of 8 so we took the GreatZip Tours Package C which includes transportation back and forth Cagayan de Oro/Dahilayan and City Proper/Rafting Area, Lunch & snacks, 21 rapids Water Rafting (advance) and All rides on ziplines (320m + 150m + 840m).
From De Lux Hotel to the whitewater rafting site we rode a private jeep. Going to Dahilayan Adventure Park we transferred to an air conditioned van. Travel time is around two hours and through rough roads so its good that we had a van.
Private Van
Upon arrival you have to register at the ticketing booth and get your ticket bracelets.
Zipzone Ticketing
Zipzone All Rides Bracelet
Food station is near the ticketing office. This is also were we got our hotdog sandwich snack which was included in our package. 
Package C Snack
A warm up zipline for the 840m. Its shorter and lower than the 840m. It's just near the ticketing booth and snack area. 
320m + 150m Starting point
You will be in a seated position rather than a superman position like in the 840m. 
Zipline in seated position

840m Zipline
The 840m Zipline has a drop of 100 meters. Zipriders are transported via vehicles like the safari cruiser below, others not as fancy like a white multicab van. 

Safari Cruiser
The launch tower is 4500 above sea level. It can reach speeds upto 90 kph with the best view of the rainforest. It takes around 1 minute to reach the bottom depending on your speed. 
Launch Tower
Before everything else we have to put proper gears on. 
Putting on the gear
Ready to Launch
We were given these blue plastics which we can use to slowdown. 
Launching on a 840m Zipline
Couples in 840m Zipline
the 840m zipline
Zipline Stopping Mechanism
Be sure not to forget to straighten your arms before hitting the end point. 
Actual Zipline Stop
You can have a photo and certificate for only P100.
Photo and Certificate fees
Dahilayan Adventure Park has other attractions like 
  1. Ropes Course
  2. Dropzone
  3. Flying Lizard
  4. ATVs.
Pine Grove Mountain Lodge
There is also a lodge in the park. It has eight rooms with a 180 degree view of the Mt. Kitanglad Range Natural Park. It also has a restaurant and a private garden patio. Room prices ranges from P2,800 to P5,000 per night.
Pine Grove Mountain Lodge
Pine Grove Mountain Lodge

Other Scenery
Some areas in development
Beautiful Trees
Colorful Flowers
Going to Dahilayan Adventure Park you'll pass by the Del Monte plantation. Driving minutes on rough road through fields of pineapple and other crops. Not something you'll see everyday. Wasn't able to take pictures though. 
Del Monte Plantation
Tons of things to do here. Nice place to hangout with family and friends. Lovely, relaxing and peaceful scenery. Not that crowded. Different from your regular zipline. Be sure to bring your jackets. Tends to be very cold when raining, specially during zipline. 

Dahilayan Adventure Park Zipline Price per Person:
Zipzone (840m) - P500
Zipzone (320m + 150m) - P250
Ropes Course - P200
Wall Climbing P100
All Zip Rides - P600
Dropzone - P500 per person | P750 per pair
Flying Lizard - P250

GreatZip Tours Package C - P1,999/ pax 

Transportation back & forth Cagayan de Oro/Brgy. Dahilayan and City Proper/Rafting Area, Lunch & snacks (during ziplining) and lunch & snacks (during rafting), All rides on ziplines (320mt + 150mt + 840mt), 21 rapids Water Rafting (advance)

More Packages at http://www.dahilayanadventurepark.com/greatzip-tours/

How to get to Dahilayan Adventure Park:

Dahilayan Adventure Park Contact Information:
Zipzone 09228801319
Pinegrove Lodge 09176223204
Office: Parasat Centrio Ayala Mall, 3rd Floor Building (infront of Centrio Cinema), CM Recto Highway, Cagayan de Oro City | Monday to Sundays 11:00AM to 8:00PM

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