April 2, 2013

Go Kart Racing at City Kart Racing Makati

City Kart Racing can be found in the most unexpected places. Who would even think there would be a modern and sophisticated go-kart racetrack in parking building. The indoor go-kart track was surprisingly better compared to any other go-karts I tried locally. The karts was fast and the curves and tight turns was awesome. 
CityKart Racing Makati
City Kart Racing (CKR) is under Urban Karting Manila, Inc. and headed by Mr. Freihuber. He incorporated European Karting concepts and equipment to make the track. CKR also invested on their karts which some say is the best and fastest Go-Karts in the country.
City Kart Makati Entrance
The Lounge or waiting area is a great gathering venue. You have your tables and you can order drinks. You also have a glass window view of the track while your friends are go-karting. 
Lounge and Cashier
 What a great way to boast your win in a go-kart race by standing at the #1 pedestal. 
Winner's Pedestal
Registration and Payment
Before anything else you need to register first. They have two computers near the door. You can register using your e-mail or your facebook account. We took the Php1700 package for 3 heats(12 minute race). This also includes the license fee and Balaclava(head sock), which is a must since you don't know who wore those helmets. If you think 3 heats/race is not enough, think again. By the 3rd heat, my arms were really tired from the constant fast turns. 
Registration Computers
If you're team is called, go the orientation room and pick out your helmet and suit. Suits are just optional and we opted not to wear one since it was so hot. 
My little cousins
The Karts
There are plenty of karts to choose from. Each of the 3 heats I drove a different go kart. Every one of those go-karts handled pretty well. They really have quality go-karts in City Kart Racing. 
City Kart Racing's Go-Karts
Go-Kart Front View
Preferably you should wear shoes when driving a Go-Kart for a better driving experience. You can still drive if you're wearing slippers but it tends to get stuck in the pedals. 
Go-Kart Rear View
The Track
City Kart Racing has an indoor track with lots of tight turns. I got try the go-kart track before in Boom na Boom, Enchanted Kingdom and Subic, all were nothing compared to City Kart Makati. The track was more challenging and those tight turns just keeps your adrenaline pumping. 
Go Kart Track
I love driving fast when I ride go-karts and with this track you just keep on accelerating super fast then break hard and turn sharp so many times. Tiring but more exciting. I'm not a professional racer so I usually tend oversteer my go-kart. 
City Kart Racing Track
This long straight is my favorite. This is the part where you can accelerate super fast and turn your go-kart the fastest you can without oversteering too much. 
Long Straight
Actual go kart in that long straight
Go-Kart Race Scoring
City Kart Racing's scoring system is hi-tech. It uses a precise software that your lap time is counted even in the 0.000 seconds. Your time is flashed on the LCD screen in the lounge and is being updated every lap.
Lap time of previous racers
Aside from lap time on the screens, you'll also be given your group's heat lap times. What a great souvenir. My name here is Vayamedia (wasn't able to change the name of the previous racer) and my best lap time was 56.353. 
My best lap time was 56.353
City kart racing go-kart facility in Makati is one of the best go kart tracks. It's indoor so you're sure the weather is controlled. They have an accurate software for lap time which a big plus for me since I love to compete. A great hangout for a family since even a 6 year old is allowed to race. Highly recommended go kart experience. 

City Kart Racing's go-kart track at Park Square 1, Makati City is now closed. It's last operation was on December 31, 2012. This closure is due to Ayala's long overdue plan to demolishing Park Square 1. CKR did say that they are going to re-open the track within Makati. Another track would be in Alabang. No news to where exactly the two tracks will be. I'll post an update whenever I have them.

Citykart Racing Makati Price per Person:
Php560 per Heat in FunKart (12 minutes inclusive of suit and helmet)
Php150 - Balaclava(head sock)
Php150 License fee - Required for first timers

Php 1700 Promo
  • Three 12-minute heats/race in a funkart
  • Balaclava(head sock)
  • Php150 license fee
How to get to Citykart Racing Makati:
Level 7, Park Square 1, Ayala Center, Makati, Philippines

Citykart Racing Makati Contact Information:
856-9155 | 0917-5859155

What time does Citykart Racing Makati Open:
Mon - Thu: 3:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Fri - Sun: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm


leslie said...

.. I'm excited to try citykart racing but I dont know how to drive. Is there a tutorial on how to use that??

Unknown said...

sino po pwede makasama mag try ng go kart naghahanap po ako ng pwede makasama gustong gusto ko po kasi matry go kart. thanks

Unknown said...

Same as me :) gusto ko din sana itry kaso walang kasama.

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